Friday, April 29, 2011

she said

God he's a creep
she said

Oh yeah and that turns you on doesn't it?

What are you talking about?!

I just think that you must be out there lookin for wierdos...

You're  crazy!

I think it's true

You're craaayzee!

Well what

Why do you say that to me! They find me!
 I don't look for them.

Ok. Ok!

 ("can i have another one?")
( --ice tinkle-- "thanks hon")

Ok.  So you don't look for them, they look for you.  Whatever.
What're you doing this weekend?

Goin out with Jay-son.

Oh god! He's the worst! Jason who works at that sex store right? That place on Aurora?  The Sears' of all sex stores?

Yeah so what.  He gave me a vibrator for my birthday.


What?  You're just jealous.

Whatever!  I "dated"  Jason for 3 months, remember, I know all about him.

Oh that's right.
Well he's taking me to see Dokken at the Emerald Queen, so...


I know, right?

("ok ladies, back to work.  Those Snuggies won't sell themselves")

We gotta go.  Down it!

I am.  Shut up!

(--ice against teeth--)

Let's go.


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