Thursday, April 21, 2011

Today Is A 9


This may be the best day of your life!

If you look like me, there'll be nowhere to go but UP!

It doesn't take a million to feel like a million!

i'm stuck i'm trapped in a cycle that i never chose or wanted to be in or ever even visualized i'm working and what for where does the money go for clothes and shampoo and drugs and gas for the car to get to the job to pay for the car to drive to the job.........

Why don't you try THIS toothpaste, you know you'll feel less alone!

Your hair needs coloring, your clothes are drab but golly there's hope!

Buy a lottery ticket, this is your day!

why don't things ever change or nothing happens to me bored remember when exciting events  used to just occur out of the blue and you could look forward to the day or at least you felt there were possibilities, the good old days when....

Uh oh! You have to wear a diaper.  Never fear, if you use OUR brand!

Hurry you need life insurance! Don't just stick your loved ones with the bill, pay it off yourself! Again and Again!

Become a nudist! Play golf! Join a club!

and now it's almost over and i have a list, see right here a list of all the things i wanted to accomplish and now they'll never well maybe i mean i just got botox so i still look young and i go to the gym 5 days a week and i never miss yoga and i'm vegan and i'm handsome and i eat organic----

                                                      Silence. Silence. Silence.


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