Monday, April 18, 2011

Ghost Vacation

We took our family out to Tombstone Arizona and
had a pretty good time.

The locals were a bit vicious,
 but that can be expected of a former town that is a bit jealous of all of you that still live in a normal town with real people.

But ordinary people used to live here doing
everyday things just like we do at home.
They seem so foreign and antiqui-y now -
It kind of gives you a sense of....perspective
I guess.

We saw some strange stuff that's for sure.

The definite highlight was when Dory got her photo taken
at the old timey photo place.  She had her own money
and she new exactly what she wanted the picture
to look like.  She even told the photographer
how to take the picture!

Here it is:

Cute huh!

She's a pistol, always has wanted to be a drinker
like her mom!  Just like Mama we told her!

But it does kind of creep me out, the way that
 people can be in one place and fill it with all the stuff of their lives, and then in 100 years, poof! it's all gone. Like they were never here or if they were, they would be like aliens to us, they were so different.
And we'll one day become the ghosts.

I don't think I'll go back to Tombstone, that  feeling was too weird.  I don't like thinking about that kind of stuff, boring!
Next year we'll go to Hollywood California, and look at the movie stars!
There's no ghosts in Hollywood,
is there?


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