Sunday, April 24, 2011

a Fairy Tale


Once upon a time,

...from the directions he'd been given, he thought he knew which way to go, but -

...coming upon the bitter sweet sameness of the hotel, he-

...and felt distracted by the 

...and the walls seemed to press and the-
...while seeming to stretch for miles, 
as a hole in the ceiling, unpatched, leaked

.. all", she yelled from the other side, "it just takes one turn and-
Take off your boots.
I like to leave them on.

...and laughing, he wondered aloud what it was that had driven her to this, to this-

...holding his arm, pressed to the wall, the sign was so clear that he memorized the-

...painful memories, and he hurried past it.

...she said, and maybe this town wasn't the place for him, maybe she was right.

The End


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