Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bitch Am Own My I part two

Oh my god what are you doing now?

Eating.  Staring out the window.


I'm hungry god get off my back hag mobile.

Well you could be eating while you're doing something else. 
 Don't you have to write? Send off plays?
Make some money? Look for a job?  Well you should you should you should.

Right! So why don't you go do something?

I wish I could, but sadly I am imprisoned in your brain Kirsten.  I'm the one held captive while you sit here eating all of those Doritos.  What's out there anyway?

Why do you think you're so much better than me? You're like a Diva or a frustrated aging celebrity or something.  Can't I just sit and stare sometimes?  You are obsessed with time.

You're right.  I just want to do things with our life, I don't want to waste a minute I want to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!!! now.

Well listen Bitch, I'm going to sit and eat and relax and maybe even read a book, and in a little while,  when I'm done, I'll do stuff OK?


Well, (sigh) I guess you should eat.

And now what're you doing?!

I'm writing this down.


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