Friday, March 23, 2012

Personality Test #1

Which Gourd do you prefer?
Your choice will define your personality.
And give you clues as to your future, your past and...

Gourd #1  
gently swinging dark Gourd

A person choosing this Gourd is introverted, artistic
and prone to attacks of conscience.
They prefer to see what is in front of them rather than
what hides in the shadows.

Gourd #2
Far-swinging Gourd with shadow

A person choosing this Gourd is excitable and
interested in the darkest corners of the world.
They prefer to see the shapes of things rather than
the actual object.

Gourd #3
Brightly lit, static Gourd

A person choosing this Gourd is most likely
completely caught up in the here and now.
They concentrate on the most brightly lit
objects in their life and ignore the darkness 
that is always beyond.

"Gourd Personality Test" is brought to you by Go-Away Industries, and should be considered a novelty only, except in cases where it has clearly depicted accurate responses as if it is really channeling knowledge from some place beyond our thought and reason.  Please use "Gourd Personality Test" responsibly, the creators are in no way responsible for false predictions or drastic life changes resulting from the Gourd's eerie pronouncements.


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