Sunday, March 11, 2012


Dear  -------

Hi! How are you? Me bored.  Carrie told me that you broke up with your boyfriend when you got home.  Will I had a good time when you were here, (----------- I miss you) I wish I didn't get Drunk that last night.  But I would like to thank you for helping Mike and I.  Special helping me walk back.  Mike said Hi but he told to fuck off when I went to give him a hug.  He also said thanks for helping him.  I'm goin to be in Bremerton Sept. 8th for my sisters wedding.
If I go through Mountlake Terr. I will call you then.  Will I'm going to go.


Boy you have a sexy body.
Call me when you get home
I WISH!!!!
You do can I sexual abuse you.
Or fuck you
Will you go swimming tonight at 9:00?
And will you get drunk with me sometime?


What you find beyond these words may be fastinating, wonderful, sorrowful, crazy, weird, dumb, & loving
I'm really sorry for making you that mad.  
So, I guess we break up when you leave (since you will be leaving first.) God, I wish we wouldn't but I guess your right.  Would it be all right if we had some fun together.  Well - I'd have to think about that I might feel like I was using you, I almost started cryin' when you told me that, see what love can do to you.  Well tell me anyways.  Do you think we could find some way to stay together & just be able to go out with other people? While were gone of course.  We might be using each other but maybe we wouldn't mind as much since we were both doin' it.
This is soooooooooooooooooooooooo Frustrating just thinking of this.  ----------, I love you.  I wish I could cry now, but I'm too inhuman I guess   In more ways than one HaHaHaHa  If we still feel the same way by the end of thee summer can we get back together? Please!!!  Tell me if you'd like to.  Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!(that's loud) I just don't know what to do anymore.  This whole Goddamn mess is my fault, and I know it.  This was the dumb, sorrowful, weird, & loving part of the note.  Please don't get down, cause I can't take it.  Now for the fastinating, wonderful crazy part, I get to go to a football camp & play rough with the big guys, sounds like fun.  You should come & "play" HaHaHaHa just kidding with me.
Shit now I've started "humaning" again.  If you know what I mean. 

P.S. I don't know if you could even give shit for me anymore but I love you.

Love you,



Can I have a giant hug and a long passionate kiss? I need it bad.  I feel like I'm going to cry,  Nothings gone write for me yet today.  My Back is aching so bad my right ankle feels like the achelies tendon has been ripped out and the other one that was already sprained feels a little weak.  I love you soooo much.  I want to come over tonight ok, or you come over to my house I don't thin I've got any homework (yet.) I just want to leave and go cry myself to sleep someplace.  I 'd like your bed more than anything.  My ankle hurts.  Bad.  Well I guess I'll be off.  See you.


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