Saturday, March 10, 2012


               December 2nd

High! Hows life? Mine is pretty shitty.  I'm in S. Studies and the teacher is a mass fucking bitch all she fucking does is yell at us so this time I didn't put up with it and I yelled back.  I hate her she is a big fat tuna.
She is such a bitch.  I'm sorry I'm swearing so much but it's necessary.  How come earlier when I tried to kiss you, you backed away? I'll be sure not to do that again.  Okay.
What are we gonna do this weekend? Well I better go now cause I have to write up a patition to try to get this bitch fired.
Love ya lots


                    March 12
High! How come you were so upset before sixth? Is it because of me? If it is please forgive me for whatever I have done cause I love you and I hate to see you the way you were before sixth.  I mean this I have never cared more for anyone than I care for you, and you say you care the same or you think you feel the same, if I've done something to upset you tell me what its is & please find it in your heart to forgive.  I loe you & don't you ever forget that not even after we breakup cause I love you to much to stop loving you even if everything is over between us and I hope its not.
Love ya a lot
And always


High!! Are you? You better not be or I'll kick your nice skinny ass.  Wasn't that movie gross in Health? I thought it was very discusting.  Do you promise that you don't have Anerexia Nervosis. (HaHa) I love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much that I can't believe it.  I have to go now I need to take a test.  Be back soon.
OTAY I'm back and better than ever.
Is it otay wiff (with) Carrie (however the fuck you spell it) if I go on Saturday or when ever you go look for a dress? I  hope so cause I wanna pick out something really radical.  OTAY SAY BUTTWHEAT.  Well I ota be going now we're fixin to be ready to correct our dagblum test oh shotski I frucked up.  This teacher is a  dagbblum fool she's a reel yank. (yankee)  she circle jerk her hounddogy.  Well I'm gonna be ramblin' now.  Oh HOLD ON A MINUTE I ALMOST FORGOT TO SAY I LOVE YOU more than dagblum pizza more than dagblum pizza hotdogs.  Sounds yummy huh!
Jethro  (------)

My favorite song is 2112 (twenty one twelve) from Rush it's has a lot of good sound effects and I also like the song you like, the one about me with my magic hands. HaHaHa
Yes I would like a xmas present and it's exactly what you were thinking that I was thinking.  
It was hard living without you while I was in Portland I didn't geel good for a day and I got a cold which I still have.
I saw my bodyguard and I thought it was pretty good.  But I want to see the blues brothers again they were funny I liked it when they went to see that none and when they went to the church those parts were really funny.
Well I think I am going to go try calling you on the telephone so bye for now.

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