Sunday, March 11, 2012

TEEN SLUTS Debriefing


The original TEEN SLUTS was a 'zine I put together in the early 00's.  I cut and pasted notes I had kept from boys and girls and grouped them together under the headings SEX DRUGS and DEATH.  For this TEEN SLUT series I used a different set of notes that I had typed up a few years ago.  I don't remember what my original intent was for those typed up notes! What a lot of work.
The TEEN SLUT 'zine reproduced the notes in their original handwriting.  For the TS blog I used different fonts for different speakers.
The voices of these kids really come through in their writing.  They might have similar agendas but their tactics are so different and specific to that person.  I think the professions of undying love at 14 years old is interesting in hind-sight; no wonder I'm such a romantic now!  And a cynic.
In the suburbia where I grew up in the 80's there was not much for teenagers to do.  Video games (atari) were new and exciting, so was cable t.v.  There were the empty school playgrounds to ride your bikes in.  And there were the woods to wander in, get drunk in.
I hope that my T.S. compilations don't come across as exploitative of these lost boys;  I have been the keeper of these notes for 30 years!  They have always resided in a strange brown box that I remember from childhood.   It used to hold crayons and pens.  There is old, old gum under the handle.  There is it's ugly color.   Camouflage duct tape.  But it's hideousness belies it's precious contents that I am now sharing and casting to the wind.

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