Wednesday, March 7, 2012


So you have Mr. white too I do.  You want me to write a long one and you write me a short one.  Do you want me to come and get you if not that's cool.  I want to get wasted in the woods  so nobody can catch us getting wasted.  I get real nervous, when I start to get drunk or stoned I am get scared the cops are going to find me if they do I am up shit creek from my dad.
Got to study for a test soon but I'll write a little more its pretty sloppy right.  I am writing as fast as  I can.  And as long as possible.  My Dan and mom went out last night and came home totally drunk.  Well write back

You don't want to break up, do you?
Tell the truth

No, I Don't, Do you? (You tell the truth)

Not if you don't                                   Does that mean you would want to if I did.

Well if you wanted to, and I knew I couldn't change your mind about it, what could I say?

That makes some sense, why did you bring it up.  Have I been ignoring you lately? Some times I feel like I am

I don't know                           Like when?

Because last night on the phone you acted mad at me - were you 'cause you said you weren't but

                                               I don't know, sometimes I just feel like i am.
I finished my math, yeah
I wasn't mad at you at all, I was full & tired, but mostly full.  I never finished the rest of that piece of pie & I still felt sorta full when I got up this mornin', I think I ate too much.  Sorry if I sounded mad, I didn't mean to.  Even if I did get mad at you I wouldn't want to break up, probably.
Love you

----------(is this how you spell your name?)
You better watch out now, I think Larry's going to try His hardest to get you to like him.  He use to think that you like him but their was an obstacle in the way (Jeff) and then Larry thought you and Greg were getting back together.  So 
Larry was jealous.  Larry's always asking me if he should talk to you more and everytime we go somewhere Larry wants to call you up to see if you would like to go with us.  Do you like him more than a friend? If you say yes can I tell him.  Or were you just kidding?
Greg told me you play the guitar pretty good probably better than him.  Do you have an amp that m and Greg can use.  Because he going to try and show me how to play.  He said he can get a guitar but he needs an amp.  Well I have to go I'm in English and have a paragraph due and the end of class.
Love Always
You better write back or I'll have to hurt you.

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