Saturday, March 10, 2012


Dear Sis, Thanx for writing so soon! I was just waiting to hear from you or Robin! How's life been treating you! Life's been treating me pretty good but it is sorta boring no night life at all!
I got a great idea instead of running knives up & down your arms write me o.k. Jesus Crist if I hear you did that again I will personally come down there and kick your butt, so tell me your problems do not take it out on your self or the poor HaHa knife!! If you died I don't know what I would do!!
I told Robin this also, that you guys are sposed to ask your parents if they want to trade you two for my two bothers! I WISH!!!! We would all have a blast! etc. etc.
You don't have to send a picture to have me falling love with you cause I am already in love with you and I have been for a long time, (how embarrassing) but send me one anyway.  I'll send you a sexy picture when I get one o.k.  Not much more to say except keep in touch sis, and tell me your new lineup (boyfriends) so you can get my blessing HaHa  BROTHER KNOWS BEST
Love Always,
Your bro

P.S. I sorta have a girlfriend, well what I mean is we went to the movies yesterday (we saw E.T. with Donny and his sorta girlfriend! We don't do much, hold hands and she put her head on my shoulder, WOW! Keep puttin' ALWAYS on your letters.  I do because I still care very very much about you.


Dear ------,

This is going to be real short & to the point, ok? I haven't gotten Ray's letter yet so would you please tell me why I'm in real big trouble.  I have a sneaky suspision I know what it is.  I sent Robin 2 pictures because the 1st one was real blurry & also because she gave me one! I didn't send you a valentine because I hadn't hear from you in about 3 weeks so I though you stopped writin' me.
You did sound kinda jealous in the letters but you I know you weren't!
I don't know how to explain this! Well I did mean most the stuff I wrote in the letters but well I guess I just love you like a sister more than a girlfriend.  Well is that o.k.? I do love you but not like a girlfriend (I heard that somewhere before) I'm not sure if you will ever forgive me for hurting you, that is the last thing I wanted to do I would never try to hurt you!!!! I do care for you very much!
I will understand if you don't want to write any more...Please be patient with the return of my letters but I always am swamped with homework or I am working at my parents store so it is hard to make time but I write as soon as I get the chance, sorry
                                             Love you sis,

I have more people to
write than you (I think)
                                                 ----------  ---------------

P.S.  Happy Easter! I hope the Easter bunny brings you what you want, but hauling a corvette in a easter basket is kinda hard,...oh well

P.P.S  I didn't mean to hurt you all I can say is I'm Sorry

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