Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New! The Electric Boyfriend

The other day Brinna and MaryAnne went shopping for mechanical boyfriends.  A LOT of new models had just come in to that fancy store down on the corner, and they'd been hearing about it from EVERYONE, how great it was and how NICE they were to you.

As Brinna and MaryAnne walked down the street they speculated on the choices they might find available to them.

"Dark hair," Brinna said.

"Do they have hair?" MaryAnne asked.  "I might like one with a real shiny head."

"Ugh, not me," Brinna laid down the law.  "He's got to have dark hair, have tattoos, and speak Italian."

"Whoa, you're kind of specific aren't you. I wonder what their skin feels like, " she shivered.

"Like skin.  Well yeah, I mean I heard that you can choose all the shit you want,  the looks, the personality.  AND the store will do this thing like they match your "boyfriend"  up to your....nervous system or something so you're totally like this-"  she held up two fingers and ferociously intertwined them.

"That's cool,"  MaryAnne said.

They reached the front door and it was done in gold and pearls, with tallllllll columns of marble.

"OOOOoooooooooohhhhhh,"  the girls said looking up and up and up.

MaryAnne grabbed Brinna's arm.

"What if I buy him and it ends up  I don't like him?  What if I get sick of him and can't make him leave?"

Brinna was confident.

"You might have to pay a little bit extra, but you can buy a guarantee or something so you can bring him back if you don't like him anymore.  And they....melt em down or whatever.  Most people who've been here,"  she leaned closer, smelling each other's gum breath, "but they say with this nervous system hook up thing you'll never want another."

The friends pushed open the door.

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