Wednesday, March 7, 2012


High thanks to you I can finally write this note.  I've been waiting for you to say you broke up with your old boyfriend.  It's kinda hard to say, but I guess you can already tell what I'm going to say.  I know we don't see each other much, and I haven't known you a long time.  But I really like you.  
I've wasted enough time, so I'll come right out and say it.  I'll want to know if you'd go with me.  I like you an awful lot.  I'm not kidding.  Please say YES!
Yours, (hopefully)


P.S. I'm not doing this because of the chain letter I am serious about what I said.  Again, Yours (hopefully)

Hi again.  I'm really glad you said yes.  I really enjoy having a girlfriend like you.  Someone who's not stuck up like a lot of girls in the school.   But someone who's kind, considerate, nice to be around , and also beautiful.  I have a more positive attitude about things.  I'm sitting on my bed right now listening to K.J.R.'s American top 40 coenside.  I turned it on right as I started writing to you.  Right as I started thinking about you they started playing the number 1 song.  Which is almost what I think about you.  The number one girl in America.  
I want to ask you something first.  Christmas vacation is coming up soon and I was wondering if you want to go to a movie with me at Aurora Village.  I could walk down to your house and we could take a bus out there.  I guess you could consider it our first date.  Write back soon,
                                                         I Love Ya


High! Why was Robin asking me if I love you? When I asked her why she wanted to know, she said no special reason.  Then I asked her if she wanted to know for her own reasons? She said no.  But a few seconds later, I asked why she wanted to know again.  Then she said, "Cause I want to know" I just want to know what's going on.  If you don't want to tell me that's all right.  But if you don't mind filling me in a little.  If you're going to fill me in give a note to Robin and tell her to give it to me in 5th



High, All I can say is I did my best.  I want to thank you for not going around blabbing all about me asking you to go with me, making fun of me, avoiding me, and not saying when you really didn't mean it.  And a lot of other littler things like that.  Bye now,----------

P.S. Maybe it'll work out between us some other time.

P.P.S.  My offer for a movie or possibly even skating still holds.  You don't need to consider this our first date (ha ha)

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